County EVO is a microcomputer based instrument which counts axial, radial and SMD (with 8301.018 option) components. 
Technical features 
Counting in both directions (left or right) 
Divider from 1 to 19 (and multiplier 2,3,4 for 0402, 0201  and 01005 components) 
Totalizer mode counting 
Preset mode counting (with an audible alarm when the desired component number is reached) 
Calibration test and self diagnostic procedure 
Last counting value and condition memory 
Models 8301.082 and .084 with rechargeable battery, Barcode reader input, output for Printer/PC, Watch, Datalogger with 500 counting records. 
Maximum counting value: 899999 counts 
Minimum lead diameter: 0.4mm 
Axial component bandolier width: 55 - 110mm 
Radial component bandolier width: max 18mm 
Maximum component diameter : 14mm 
Display: 4 digits 13mm height 
Dimensions: 240x130x110mm 
Weight: 1.8Kg 
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