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DuraGlide™ Metal Squeegee Blades
Long Life, High Quality, Wide Variety Available

Photo Stencil’s patented DuraGlide metal squeegee blades are unique, both in their materials and design. They are manufactured according to a proprietary in-house process. First, a precisely engineered edge and surface is produced and then the entire blade is coated with titanium nitride to provide an extremely dense, smooth and hard surface finish. This treatment preserves the engineered edge feature throughout the life of the squeegee blade and yields near perfect solder brick deposits over tens of thousands of print cycles.

Long Life: An independent laboratory’s accelerated wear test confirmed the positive attributes of the DuraGlide metal squeegee. It showed no signs of wear after performing 6000 prints at twice the recommended squeegee pressure. Competitive products performed poorly in comparison with significant wear grooves forming on the blade edge.

High-Quality Print Performance:
While most printing processes are not as severe as this accelerated wear test, print performance over a longer period with the DuraGlide squeegee blades can be expected. A blade edge that does not wear during print operation provides the highest quality print performance.

Available In A Wide Variety:
Photo Stencil’s DuraGlide metal squeegee blades are manufactured in a wide variety of configurations to fit many of the common metal squeegee holders including

DEK, MPM, Fuji, EKRA, Panasonic & Speedprint

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