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Magic Resin-Carrier
Major Product Information
  • An assembly process transport carrier for FPC,COF,TCP,Flex-rigid,and thin PWB.
  • From ACF attachment to SMT to Molding, all processes can be done on the same carrier.(Transport carrier for processes before and after SMT.)
  • For device mounting and solder bump affixation and reflow carrier on interposer boards.
  • No need for heat resistant tape!
  • Adaptable to FPCs with uneven supports.
  • Endure 500 reflow cycles.
  • Registration accuracy of placement for substrate units is +/-30 microns.
  • Already in use with FPC,COF,CCD, and CMOS boards for cellular phones.

  • Low molecular weight siloxane
  • Low molecular weight siloxane(Type-ZERO)
  • Pb free soldering(High heat resist & high durability)
  • Different adhesion power

 Base Material High heat resistant Glass Epoxy,AL,SUS etc
 MagicResin specs  Resin area can be made partial or full coated
 Size able to process  Maximum 300 x 500 mm
 Processible contents  drilling, cutting, tapering, C-chamfering are possible.

Magic Resin Carrier Process
  1. Set the removal plate at fixture with pins.
  2. Set up the FPC bottom side up on the plate.
  3. Set up the Magic Resin carrier bottom side.
  4. Take off the fixture with pin.
  5. Turn over the jig.
  6. Take off the removal plate.
  7. FPC location& fixation complete on Magic Resin carrier.
  8. ACF coating -> Cream solder -> Mounter -> Reflow -> CSP seal material coating.
  9. Take off FPC from the carrier

  • Adhesion characteristic.
  • Maintenance after 500 re-flow cycles : Cleaning with IPA, water, neutral detergent

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