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W30x-HD, 30x zoom Full HD inspection system with laser pointer, incl. Joystic
High Magnification Full HD Inspection Camera

With a powerful 30x optical zoom range and a significant gain in magnification (up to 200x on a 24ʺ monitor), W30x-HD will be of great benefit for tasks needing closer examination and will automatically take Optilia into new fields of use. Users familiar with the current products will appreciate that Optilia's leading full HD image quality and responsive auto-focusing has not been compromised in achieving this step up in zoom range.

By deploying improved quick auto focus together with Optilia’s renowned and superior optics, the time spent on inspecting objects is significantly reduced compared to other video systems. The integrated laser pointer is an excellent guide to locating the areas of interest on the object.

The camera can easily be connected to a Full-HD or HD-ready monitor or TV of relevant size through HD component video outputs. Image attributes, such as brightness, contrast, focus, image sharpness, colour and other parameters are automatically set but can be controlled manually by the user through the software. For recording, measuring and archiving of digital images, the system can be linked to a computer through Optilia’s PCI express Frame Grabber with OptiPix software.

W30x-HD is made of high quality components, and ESD protected housing. The instrument is designed according to the requirements of electronics manufacturers regarding excellent image quality, flexibility, time and cost effectiveness.

This item can be ordered with the following upgrades:

OP-209 003-E Upgrade to ESD-protected housing ESD
OP-209 003-M Upgrade to Hermetically Sealed housing IP64 ip64
OP-209 012 Upgrade to FreeSight, 500mm working distance Freesight
OP-009 032 Add Cross-line & Zoom Display and 2 memory Save/Recall Crosshair

Included Items when you purchase OP-209 003-E:

  • Full HD Camera, 1080P with 30x zoom, laser pointer, 245mm WD
  • Camera Control Unit with Joystick
  • Power Supply 5/12V, 30W with MiniDin connector
  • User’s manual
  • Boom stand


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