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Bench-top XY-stand
OP-006 338 is a heavy duty and stable stand with precision ball-bearing XY movement, specially developed for bench-top mounting of Optilia W10x High Definition inspection cameras or working or inspection tables. W10x camera can be moved smoothly and precisely along X- and Y-direction above inspection object using this stand. An optional 4-directional tilt unit can be assembled on front of the stand boom in order to change direction angle of the camera for side inspection of objects.

OP-006 338 is made of high quality stainless steel and anodised aluminum parts and safe for use in EPA environments.

OP-006 338 can be ordered with lateral travel range of 400-900mm (sideways).

If not specified, standard X-travel is 400mm.
If not specified, standard Y-travel is 400mm.

Included Items when you purchase OP-006 338:

  • Bench-top XY-translation stand


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