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Eagle Eye Digital kit, 5.6" DVR, 1.3m insertion tube length
Eagle Eye is an ergonomically designed handheld video endoscope system equipped with a 5.6” colour LCD monitor, SD-card digital image and video recorder and a slim robust ø7.0mm flexible insertion tube with all-direction articualted camera head. Eagle Eye’s flexible insertion tube has protective tungsten mesh braid which provides superior insert ability and crush resistance. The robustness of this design ensures long-life high reliability and reduces the overall investment cost. High precision optics and sensitive micro CCD image sensor are integrated in the tip of the flexible tube for best possible image quality. The system captures high-resolution images and gives rich colours and excellent clarity throughout a large dynamic range. For minimum loss of lighting power, ultra bright LED light sources are integrated into the optical head, symmetrically positioned around objective lens of the device for uniform illumination. Eagle Eye is an invaluable tool when inspecting hard-to-access or hidden parts and tightly packed equipments.

Included Items when you purchase OP-019 371

  • 360º Articulated video endocsope, 1.3m insertion tube and 5.6” digital colour DVR
  • 2 pcs (7.2V, 1600 mAh) rechargable batteries
  • Battery charger
  • 90 degree tip mirror
  • External monitor connection cable
  • Memory card
  • Focus Adjustment Tool
  • External power supply
  • Heavy duty water resistant Transport Case with two levels foam inlay


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