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Optilia Digital BGA Inspection System, Standard, 5.0MP, ESD-protected
Visual BGA Inspection System

Optilia Standard BGA inspection system is compact, flexible and ergonomically designed. It weighs only 200 grams including its BGA lens and the built-in LED illumination. The system can be operated mobile in one hand or be deployed as a regular microscope mounted on its ESD-protected boom stand.

Besides the side viewing BGA lens, Flexia BGA is delivered with 1-100x macro zoom lens that turns the equipment into a regular video microscope for visual inspection and quality control of PCBs at manufacturing plants or R&D divisions.

Flexia BGA is designed according to the requirements of electronics manufacturers regarding flexibility, image quality and time and cost effectiveness. The system is ESD-protected and EPA approved according to EN and IEC standards.

Included Items when you purchase OP-009 155

  • Flexia Definition 5MP Digital, with 100x lens, ESD-protected
  • Side Viewing BGA lens with Small Size 90° optical head
  • 1-100x varifocal lens with built-in LED ringlight
  • RingLight White LED for 100x Objective
  • Brush Light, White LED with Dimmer and 2xAA battery tube and DC-adapter
  • Stand for Brush Light
  • OptiPix Lite, image view, capture and basic on-screen measurement software
  • Focusing Stand, Coarse/fine movement, ESD-protected
  • Installation CD, User’s manual and other documents
  • Aluminum Transport Case, 380x295x80 with Foam inlet (one level)


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