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E-Blade® Electroformed Squeegee Blades
High Quality, Durable, Edges Remain Smooth, Sharp & True

Photo Stencil's E-Blade electroformed squeegee blade is proven to provide improved print deposition and uniformity of print volume over the entire image. It offers a rigid, low friction, nickel edge for cleaner prints, reduced stencil wear, and less material waste.

Perfectly Mates with the Photo Stencil Range of Electroformed Stencils

E-Blade Squeegee Blades are manufactured by an electroform process. The squeegee blades are grown on a mandrel with a mirror finish. First the nickel growth area is defined by a photo-resist; then it is grown to the desired thickness of 11 mils. The squeegee blades are then removed from the tank, the resist stripped and the blades removed from the temporary mandrel. This process achieves three very beneficial features:
  1. The nickel blade is built up one molecule at a time, so the blade edge is very smooth and void of any irregularities.
  2. Because the blade edge is formed with a photo-lithographic process the blade edge is extremely straight.
  3. The blade edge grown at the surface of the mandrel is extremely sharp.


Long Life: 100% nickel blade; no soft coating or plating to wear, crack, or chip.

Smooth, Sharp and True: Excellent print performance.

Great Print Performance Means Lower Print Pressure: Lower print pressure means improved stencil life.

Reduced Material Waste:
Low surface energy inherent in the electroformed nickel blade allows print material to stay on the stencil not on the blade, reducing material waste.

Custom Solution Based Blades:
Talk to the experts at Photo Stencil about how we can help.

Available In A Wide Variety: Photo Stencil’s E-Blade metal squeegee blades are manufactured in a wide variety of configurations to fit many of the common metal squeegee holders including:

DEK, MPM, Fuji, EKRA, Panasonic & Speedprint


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